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The City Cricket Academy is a Leicester-based cricket facility, offering year round cricket coaching in an enjoyable, safe and friendly environment. 

We first started working with the Academy back in 2008 when they asked us to create a brand identity to promote their professional coaching service and state-of-the-art facilities. 

At Work Design, we don’t have a house style, more of a house approach.  We want all our work to reflect our customer’s organizations and to meet their design needs.   As a result we took the time right at the start of the partnership to learn exactly what the Academy does, how they do it and why.

We were immediately struck by everyone’s awe-inspiring passion for cricket and their desire to give back to the game they love.  It’s this attitude and ethos that does the Academy real credit and one which had to be communicated in their new brand identity.

So we came up with the strapline ENJOY THE GAME, a line that gives any player probably their most important piece of coaching advice, as well as encompassing all that the Academy is about.  We also created a modern, cricket inspired logo and consistent, professional, welcoming look to the brand.

Since the re brand, our relationship with the Academy has gone from strength to strength and we are proud to say they are now one of out longest standing clients.   

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