Vanilla Recruitment - Branding, design
Vanilla Recruitment - Brand, Digital
Vanilla Recruitment - Brand, Digital

Vanilla Recruitment

Branding / Digital

Vanilla Recruitment is an independent recruitment agency, working to match people and businesses across the East Midlands.

Recruitment is one of the most competitive industries within the business sector in the UK. Operating in such a busy and crowded market, Vanilla Recruitment wanted to re invent their brand to help them to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition. The team at Vanilla Recruitment knew that intelligent, creative design can do this and that is why they chose us to partner with them on this project.

We sat down with the client to really understand their business and the environment they operate in. We discovered that a key factor in Vanilla Recruitments success is treating every job seeker and business individually, creating recruitment solutions tailored to their clients needs. 

As a result, we developed a brand that captured the changing relationships with different clients and their specific requirements. We created a logo designed to change, evolve, even animate where possible allowing endless permutations of the logo, but without ever losing a consistent brand feel. We completely reinvented their brand, making it unique and giving it presence, personality and relevance to the lives of the people they serve.

“When we decided we wanted to refresh our whole brand look and feel, we looked into quite a few agencies. What we liked about Work Design, was the mix of having a great portfolio of work, that was along of the lines of what we were looking for, with being a company of designers rather than bolshie sales people. In our initial briefing meeting we were impressed with how interested they were in really getting to know us as a company. We were really excited about seeing our first design concepts and were impressed with the presentation and the range of options. We love our new brand and we’ve had a great reaction to it from our clients and candidates. Having the new brand has also refocused and rejuvenated everyone at Vanilla. Thank you Work Design!”
Laura Mayfield Marketing Manager, Vanilla Recruitment

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