Warwick Castle Weddings
Warwick Castle Weddings
Warwick Castle Weddings

Warwick Castle

Brand Identity / Brochure Design / Print Management

Warwick Castle is a renowned and much loved tourist destination in the heart of the Midlands. Most people know it as a great place to go for historical family fun. What they might not know is that it’s also a great place to go to have a magical and memorable wedding day.

This is something Warwick Castle wanted to change and so we were asked to produce a Weddings brochure to further establish the Castle as a first choice wedding destination as well as a tourist hot spot.

Warwick Castle is an inspiring, evocative and atmospheric location. With its spectacular stately rooms and beautiful gardens you can’t help but be transported back to an age of chivalry and romance. An age where fair maidens meet there Prince Charming and they live happily ever after. An age, of a fairytale wedding.

Using this theme as our inspiration, we produced a truly enchanted wedding brochure. Awe-inspiring photography takes the reader on a magical journey through their perfect fairytale wedding. Using fine papers, metallic inks and short pages we highlighted the depth and quality of the service guests could look forward to and delivered a brochure as grand and exciting as the occasion itself.

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